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Recommended for nighttime use to relieve dry eye, lagophthalmos, aqueous deficient dry eye, floppy eye syndrome, and recurrent corneal erosions. Can also be used with C-PAP and during air travel.

Soft and flexible, our hydrating eyeseals™ 4.0 are made from medical grade thermal plastic, so they rest comfortably over your orbital bones, while leaving room to blink freely.

Fitted with an adjustable microfiber head wrap, the eyeseals™ 4.0 gently shelter eyes from drafts, dust, and low humidity environments. This creates a moisture rich space over your eyes, hydrating the sensitive eyelid area and preserving your tears, helping soothe dry, tired eyes.

Made in the USA and 100% latex free, eyeseals™ 4.0 are perfect for relieving multiple dry eye-related conditions, wherever the symptoms may strike. Order yours today, and see why thousands of customers trust us with their dry eye therapy.

Eye Eco Eyeseals